Website Solutions

Web Design

Integrate Solutions are known as the pioneers in web designing. We have a team of experienced and highly talented web designers who can design a tailored, highly interactive, innovative and user- friendly website for your business. Our team will be with you from the initial stage of web design to the final optimization stage so that we can offer you with the best web design that matches all your business constrains. Our web designers will first analyze your business needs, goals and targeted clients. In the second stage, our team will plan about the web design that best shows case your business. Then our web design experts will weave an excellent website for you using the latest design tools and technologies like Dream weaver, HTML 5, CSS3, PHP and MySql and implements it. Our goal is to provide a prominent web presence for our clients located in various places of UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our web designs will address and brand your business into the competitive global economy and gives your business a unique identity in the commercial business industry.

What our web designs assure you?

 Give life for your business website

 Powerful online presence for your business

 More interaction with your clients located around the globe

 Conveys to your clients about your business, services and products and helps you to achieve corporate goals

 Unique identity for your business


 Cost effective and high quality

 Fast loading websites with colorful visual effects

Come and join us to build your business website and experience the difference!!!

Logo Design

Logo's are pictorial representation that gives brand identity for your business or organization. Integrate Solutions create unique, eye-catching and remarkable logos for individuals and small to large business organizations. We assign every logo design work to two or more logo designers so that the client will get a chance to select the best. We provide different logo designing services such as unique logo designs, redesign of older logos, 2D and 3D logo designs and alteration of 2D images to 3D images. Integrate Solutions offer Logo design in Abu Dhabi the best and most cost effective custom logo design service by creative and professional graphic designers in 24 hours.

Highlights of our logo designs

  •  Creative and innovative logo designs

  •  Simple and easily memorable logos

  •  100% customer satisfaction

  •  Revision of logos

  •  Modification and redesigning of logos

  •  Affordable price

Designing process of logos at Integrate Solutions

*For each client we assign more than two logo designers and at the initial stage, they will do a brainstorming session with client and understand all about their    business/ organization. 

* Then our logo designers will sketch 5 to 6 logs and the client can choose the best from them. Designers will then apply the color combinations, fonts, texts, images etc according to customer requirements and digitalize the sketch.

* At this stage our designers will go for revision of logo design, if the client suggests any modification.

* At the final stage, our designing team will hand over final logo to clients in different file formats and will give the full ownership and copyrights to client.

* With years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction we are growing as successful logo designers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and in many parts of UAE.

* Contact us for any queries related with logo design and we are enthusiastic to help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Integrate Solutions is one of the most prominent SEO outsourcing company based on UAE and we offer the best customized SEO services. We guarantee top ranking of your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. And we make it possible with our young and highly talented team of SEO experts.Our SEO team use the will help the clients in choosing the proper keyword and keyword density, contents, quality links, images, META tags etc. We use the latest optimization methods and search engine algorithms to increase the websites traffic and the visitors Our SEO experts will help you in selection of appropriate keyword, density of keywords, content, images, quality links, and META tags.

Why SEO is important?

Do you have a well designed and developed business website or any other websites? Are they listed among top 10 in major search engines?  If No is your answer then it may be due to poor SEO techniques. If you want create a vibrant web presence and wants to increase the site traffic then SEO is a must.

And with a SEO friendly

website the number of visitors will get increased and thereby your business will get more established.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

  •  Site analysis

  •  keyword research

  •  Search engine submission

  •  Article submission

  •  Directory submission

  •  Forum posting

  •  Social media optimization

  •  Social book marking and networking

  •  Optimization of title, keywords and META tags

  •  Link building

  •  Pay Per Click(PPC)

Web Development

Web development and web design are very important for a website as they give the life for a website. We know that both web design and web development plays an important role in creating a great web presence. And that is the reason why we give more importance for your business websites design and development. Integrate solutions provides a variety of end to end web development solutions and services to all business types in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We use the latest web technologies like HTML, DHTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, VB and Java Scripting on popular web servers like IIS, Apache with data support from MS SQL Server2000, MySQL server.

Our web development process includes the following steps:

  •  Planning

  •  Analysis

  •  Design

  •  Development

  •  Testing

  •  Implementation

  •  Promotion

  •  Innovation

Integrate Solutions develops cost effective websites that are SEO friendly and so your business websites get top ranking among major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and Bing. We keep all your business related datas and documents confidential. We have an excellent young team of web developers who use the cutting-edge technologies for developing your business website. We will strive our best to provide you with an interactive and attractive website. Our web development solution offers you better client interaction and business growth. If you have developed a good website for your business, that itself can act as the stepping stone for your business growth and success.

We are ready to design and develop the stepping stone for your success. Are you ready?

Brochure Design

A good brochure design conveys all about your business/ organization to your targeted clients and to the potential customers. It acts as a powerful marketing tool. Integrate Solutions design brochures for you that stays in the minds of your clients. Our brochure designs are available at affordable cost. Our area of expertise are Flyer design, Inserts design, Sales and Marketing design, Bi- fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold and Gate-fold brochure design, Corporate Folder design, Booklet design, Leaflet design, Catalogue design and Pouch Folder brochure design. Brochure design consists of three steps: extraction, synchronization and implementation. Our brochure designing experts will extract your business ideas, synchronize them and then implement these ideas .Our brochure designers will use stylist fonts, color combinations, headings, grammar, contents, abstracts images and graphics to create a unique brochure design.

Advantages of our brochure design

  •  Quality and unique brochure designs

  •  Cost effective

  •  100% customer satisfaction

  •  100% custom design with die cuts, unique folds and embossing

  •  Unlimited revision of designs

  •  Downloadable e-mail brochures or PDF brochures

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing and advertising that helps in business growth and success. If you own a business, you have to create an online presence. In addition to online presence you have to make your brand identity in a social network to promote your business to new clients and customers around the globe. At Integrate Solutions we help you to create a vibrant online presence and promote your business through our prominent social media marketing services. We advertise you through our social media marketing services. Our marketing services are cost effective and quality oriented. Our team will provide you with the best social media marketing strategy that suits your business or organizations requirements. We offer you the best Social Media Marketing services and our goal is to make your business reach all around the globe without hassles and money loss. Better relationships with your clients will help in achieving more back-links. We help you to build a strong everlasting bond with your clients and helps in better interaction through our services. At Integrate Solutions, we use the advanced Social Media Marketing services along with latest SEO techniques to promote your business in Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon etc

  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  •  Cost effective marketing and advertising

  •  Increases site traffic

  •  Better customer interaction and relationships

  •  Better business growth and brand identity

  •  Increase customers trust and reliability

  •  Increase customer satisfaction

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  •  Strategy Planning

  •  Marketing campaign

  •  Social Media Monitoring

  •  Social Bookmarking

  •  Social Profile creation and Branding

  •  Blog Design and marketing

  •  Forum Design

  •  Video SEO