Infra Structure Solutions

Structural Cabling


Structured cabling is a way to organize the computer network and telephony cabling in an area such as an office building or university grounds. It involves constructing the cabling system out of smaller structural elements and offers efficient topology, greater scalability, and easy access to any given subsystem.


Our Structured Cabling Services

The services of structured cabling Abu Dhabi business owners deserve must be professional, reliable, and affordable. Our company meets these requirements to the tee. Red Apple dedicated specialists provide elegant structured cabling solutions, so that your company can take advantage of modern technology in a secure and cost-effective manner. With us, you can be sure about every bit of information on the way from the socket near your working space to the remote server.

Every project passes the following stages:

Planning and designing the cabling structure;

Ccabling assembly and installation;

Cconfiguration and setup;


We use the best cabling products on the market for the implementation of our structured cabling projects, such as copper and optical fiber cables supplied by the world's leading manufacturers. There is hardly a challenge in structured cabling Dubai department of our company wouldn't find a way to respond to.

Data Switching


Numerous companies require a data center to handle all data flows efficiently and safely. Every data center is unique in its infrastructure, and each Red Apple customer has specific requirements in terms of cost, capacity, operation speed, etc. You can rely on Red Apple that offers advanced data center in Dubai with the use of reliable and powerful equipment from world’s best manufacturers and utilizing innovative, cost and energy efficient consolidation techniques. Custom Data Center Design We do not offer a universal solution for all needs, as it is highly important to get maximum of performance for specific budget. That is why we always offer a solution that covers requirements of specific business and doesn’t make a customer pay for unneeded resources. Our data center solutions correspond to the highest standards and demands, including:

Deploying powerful data centers in limited space – get maximum from the space you have due to the highest possible hardware optimization;

Fast deployment and easy maintenance – modern equipment helps to deploy fully working data processing systems at minimum time;

Cost efficiency – Red Apple experts make your investments in data center fully justified, without extra charges for the resources your system doesn’t need. The data center budget is well-thought and laconic;

High reliability with smart risk management and efficient recovery systems – the risk of financial loss due to data center disruptions is minimized.

Data Center Maintenance and Upgrading

Red Apple work on data centers is not limited by design and deployment. Highly qualified specialists provide ongoing support and maintenance service as well as upgrading on request. Red Apple will extend the data center facilities, if your business capabilities grow and require more data processing resources. Flexible data center solutions are easily enlarged due to well-thought expandable infrastructure. Trust your data center to experienced, qualified specialists from Red Apple .

Moves & Changes



When the technical requirements necessary for the efficient operation of your company exceed the capabilities of your computers, it is time for an upgrade. Upgrading your hardware and software, in turn, entails moving all your business data over to the newer, more powerful computers and applications. Business data migration may involve the following:

Microsoft Office migration;

Microsoft Exchange migration;

Windows Server 2003 migration.

Moving Fast and Smooth

The process of data migration office workers will truly appreciate must be fast and smooth. The upgrade will certainly increase the existing capabilities of the software applications and introduce new useful features, but for a dedicated and busy professional a halt in the work process – even for a legitimate reason – can be annoying, not to mention the potential profits that could be earned during that period of time. We at Red Apple understand this very well, and our highly skilled and experienced specialists always plan data migration carefully and make every effort to carry out the migration procedures quickly and hassle-free. We have the expertise needed to provide fast Office migration, Exchange setup, and data relocation from Windows Server 2003 to a higher version – and we will gladly make our expertise work for you!

Wireless LAN / WAN / MAN


The freedom of authorized access is an exclusive requirement for today’s business. And wireless connection for exchanging data is one of the means that help to make business mobile. It helps to work regardless of geographic location, get access to a workplace and numerous data sources from anywhere. However, such technology implies certain risks for data integrity, and transmitting data via wireless channels must be properly secured. Red Apple offers comprehensive protection that helps to avoid risks of data theft, interception by hackers or other violators. We offer time-proven wireless security solutions for safe Wi-Fi connection and WLAN operation. Security is a Fundamental Need Enterprise networks are highly interesting for attackers. Any company needs confidence in full security of corporate data flow. Alongside with wired access security Red Apple engineers practice integrating wireless access protection that offers:



Uncompromising security.

The solutions we offer fully comply with specific network security policy, strengthening data security profile of the customer's company. We develop individual strategies that correspond to every detail of customer’s requirements. Alongside with wireless security solutions Red Apple offers high-quality consultancy service that will help to improve other aspects of data security.




Communication is a basis for any business, and telephone systems are still the most popular method of inner and external communication. Red Apple specialists know business phone technologies from the inside and are capable to offer you the most suitable equipment to cover your needs. This is not a privilege of big companies anymore. There are telephone systems for small offices, affordable yet efficient solutions with powerful communication facilities. Modern office phone systems provide further resources:

 Standard phone service for performing local and international voice calls;



 Video conferencing.

 IP PBX Systems

Private branch exchange (PBX) systems helps to switch calls between company members, arrange inner phone communication and share a few external phone lines. A big advantage of such office telephone systems is ability to enlarge the capacity with no need to purchase additional hardware and perform additional installation works. That is why such telephone systems for business are highly cost-efficient. Flexible settings, highly-reliable operation are also the strong sides of such technology.

Standard set of facilities for Asterisk PBX setup includes:

 PBX server;

 IP telephones;

 Ethernet router;

 PBX software.

For using all communication services available it is also required to have a broadband Internet connection and VOIP subscription. VOIP telephone systems is a bridge that joins standard telephone communication and modern computer technologies, providing significant cost saving and ability to perform video calls. Red Apple is an expert in implementing such systems. Phone System Setup Phone network installation includes the assembly of a PBX system, phone and fax apparatuses.

VoIP server installation also implies installation of IP gateways and proper software. Red Apple specialists perform all onsite work in a timely manner without interruptions in the working process and any other discomfort for company employees. Setup of telephone systems is not finished by installation. Technical specialists thoroughly test connection and all hardware components. After the phone system is up and running, your staff can be trained for correct use of all equipment.

Server & PC


Red Apple specialists have solid expertise in server room design and ready to assist your company in obtaining a secure, reliable and high-performance server room setup. Whether you are looking for upgrading your current hardware or design a completely new server room from scratch, our experience will help you to get proper implementation of your plans. Red Apple offers the following services:


Developing a server room plan according to your technical requirements;

Server hardware and software installation in accordance with the produced plan;

Supplying the full range of server room equipment;

Providing technical support and maintenance.

Predesign and Planning

The initial phase of server room development is planning. Red Apple professionals analyze all customer requirements producing an efficient technical solution, plan of its implementation and detailed cost estimation. These server room planning measures help to optimize further implementation in terms of cost-efficiency ratio.


Red Apple pays much attention at providing hardware stability. It is essential for server room organization, as this part of IT facilities has an increased power demand and requires proper power distribution system. Another key point for server room operation stability is ventilation system. powerful cooling system provides suitable conditions for stable round-the- clock operation. The server hardware itself must comply with high standards and satisfy requirements in data processing speed and capacity. All these factors are taken into account when setting up a server room by a custom design. Implementation This is an onsite service, and to maintain it our team of specialists will arrive to your office to prepare the room for equipment installation with start-up and adjustment work. We design server room individually on each order, to deliver a result that fully matches custom needs of our client. As a result you receive highly optimized technical solution at the best price.

Maintenance and Support

Being responsible for proper performance of the delivered server rooms, Red Apple features highly qualified technical support service. Choose the plan you consider suitable for your business needs and receive high-quality, timely and effective technical assistance to keep your server room up and running.



If you are running a small or a mid-size business and want to provide stable operation for your computer system, IT helpdesk service fr om Red Apple is a perfect fit. This is a remote type of technical assistance that implies solving any technical issues during standard UAE business hours (09:00 – 18:00 Sat-Thu). How It Works Our specialists provide assistance via a handy online interface where our customers can leave their requests and get timely response. Usually the response time doesnot exceed 15 minutes. Remote IT

helpdesk service can be used for solving the following issues:

Hardware breakages;

Virus and hacker attacks;

Software and hardware updates;

Problems in software operation;

Security enhancements;

Need in qualified counselling.

If the issue is impossible to fix remotely, we provide an onsite visit that will be charged on a standard onsite visit rate. We do our best to provide maximally quick and efficient technical support to minimize the down time. What if I Need a Remote Assistance Outside Standard Business Hours If your problem cannot wait until our official business hours, we are ready to provide you emergency 24/7 assistance. This is a service separate from online helpdesk support, charged as per its own rate.

How Soon Will I Get My Problem Resolved Depending on the issue, it may take up to 8 hours to resolve it. If the problem can be solved remotely, you will get the solution up and running in maximum 4 hours. Leaving a ticket in IT support helpdesk system you will be regularly informed about the current problem status.


We practice individual approach in pricing for IT helpdesk support that is based on the needs of specific enterprise. We do not produce universal subscription for everyone, as each company and individual customer requires specific scale of support. We offer maximally affordable yet efficient IT support and maintenance service in Dubai.